What are the printing requirements for Yearbooks?

If you already have your Yearbook design made from Adobe InDesign or Illustrator and choose not to use our app, no worries! We can offer our printing services to you even if you don't use our app. Here's how:

01. Setting up InDesign/Illustrator specs

  • Page setup: A4
  • Single Pages (uncheck facing pages)
  • Margins all round 15mm
  • Bleed 5mm
  • Overall page size including bleed will be 220 x 307mm
  • Do not outline text


02. Exporting the PDF

Before Exporting, Go to File > Package

  • Packaging will collect all linked images and fonts
  • If you see any yellow hazard signs please fix the problems, do not ignore these.

Then use your final packaged file to export for print as a Press Quality PDF.
When you export your PDF to print, make sure:

  • Your layers remain intact
  • Export as a Press Quality PDF
  • Include the crop/trim marks (no bleed marks) The crop marks should be on the edge of the paper.
  • Include the bleed (Check bleed box). You will see the 3mm appear automatically. If it doesn’t appear, re-setup your page with bleed.


03. Sending the PDF

Once the PDF is exported and no errors were seen, you can send it to us at:

If the file size is too big to be attached in an email, you can upload the PDF in Dropbox or Google Drive and then send the link to the same email noted above.

The Production Team will get in touch with you once they receive your PDF. 

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